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Corporate Governance

Guidelines on Significant Corporate Governance Issues

AGL Resources is committed to corporate governance policies and principles that reflect our core values of honesty and integrity in everything we do. One of our key corporate values is what we refer to as operating "inside the lines." This means we conduct our business in such a way that every decision is made with a focus on what is in the best interest of our stakeholders. This section of our website is designed to provide you with key information about our corporate governance policies and initiatives.

We are committed to providing the investment community with information that is accurate, timely and as transparent as possible. We believe that earnings visibility and transparency are of paramount importance to making an informed investment decision. With that in mind, we will always strive to provide financial information that fairly and accurately reflects the results of our operations, and that are consistent with current reporting standards and policies, including U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

Some of the highlights of our corporate governance program include:

  • A majority of our Board members are independent of the Company and its management; in fact, only one of our Board members (John W. Somerhalder II, our Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer) is defined as an "insider" under current regulations;
  • The Audit Committee has implemented policies consistent with the newly enacted corporate reform laws for auditor independence;
  • The independent members of the Board meet regularly without the presence of management;
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, our independent registered public accounting firm, reports directly to the Audit Committee;
  • The charters of each of our Board committees clearly establish their respective roles and responsibilities;
  • The Company has a Code of Ethics and Conduct, and an insider trading policy, to which our key corporate decision-makers must strictly adhere;
  • All employees must confirm annually, in writing, their acceptance of the code of conduct; and
  • We have implemented a hotline available for employees to anonymously and confidentially report any questionable practices, actions or activities at the company.
We appreciate your continued confidence in AGL Resources, and we assure you that we will remain dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of conduct and ethical behavior in all aspects of our company and its operations.

Andrew W. Evans
President and Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth W. Reese
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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