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Code of Business Conduct
Code of Conduct

Setting the Standard

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics

Dear Friends:

At AGL Resources, our dealings with co-workers, suppliers, customers, regulators, shareholders and the public should always be fair and honorable, whether or not our behavior will become widely known. The personal behavior of each employee—good and bad—reflects on all of us and on our company.

In the worst cases, the integrity and even viability of a company can be undermined by the actions of one or a handful of employees. Events over the past several years have shown us examples of jobs lost and companies destroyed because one or more employees thought they were above the law. In these cases, if an employee had been willing to come forward and report suspected violations of the law or ethical standards, the outcome may have been entirely different.

Responsible employees should always be willing to report a suspected violation of the law or ethical standards. The company strictly prohibits retaliation for a report made in good faith.

That’s why our Code of Conduct and Ethics is so important. This document helps ensure that the employees of AGL Resources always comply with the laws that apply to the company. In cases where a clear governing law does not exist, our Code helps guide each of us in making good decisions. It helps us set the standard for appropriate behavior.

Our Code reminds us of what we have all learned growing up—that there truly are right ways and wrongs ways to do things. In most cases, we know what the right way is. Using our common sense is a trustworthy guide in most situations.

No code can address every situation and we don’t try to do so here. We live in a complex world and the ethics or even the legality of many of our day-to-day decisions isn’t always obvious. The Code does provide guidance on many subjects, some general and others very specific. When in doubt, employees should ask their supervisor, someone in Human Resources or someone in the Corporate Compliance or the Legal Department who can provide a good sounding board for determining the best thing to do. Employees may also ask their questions anonymously through the Ethics and Compliance Helpline.

At AGL Resources, our understanding and commitment to upholding our Code of Conduct and Ethics is vital to our personal and collective success.

Andrew W. Evans
President and Chief Executive Officer

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