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SEC Filings

ALABAMA POWER CO filed this Form 10-Q on 11/01/2017
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Environmental Compliance Overview Plan
On May 4, 2017, the Mississippi PSC approved Mississippi Power's ECO Plan filing for 2017, which requested the maximum 2% annual increase in revenues, approximately $18 million, primarily related to the Plant Daniel Units 1 and 2 scrubbers placed in service in 2015. The rates became effective with the first billing cycle for June 2017. Approximately $26 million of related revenue requirements in excess of the 2% maximum was deferred for inclusion in the 2018 filing.
Fuel Cost Recovery
At September 30, 2017, the amount of over-recovered retail fuel costs included on the condensed balance sheet was $2 million compared to $37 million at December 31, 2016.
On November 15, 2017, Mississippi Power is expected to file its annual rate adjustment under the retail fuel cost recovery clause. The ultimate outcome of this matter cannot be determined at this time.
Ad Valorem Tax Adjustment
On July 6, 2017, the Mississippi PSC approved Mississippi Power's annual ad valorem tax adjustment factor filing for 2017, which included an annual rate increase of 0.85%, or $8 million in annual retail revenues, primarily due to increased assessments.
Provision for Property Damage
On October 8, 2017, Hurricane Nate hit the Gulf Coast of Mississippi causing minor damage to Mississippi Power's distribution infrastructure. Preliminary storm damage repair costs have been estimated to be immaterial. These costs may be charged to the retail property damage reserve and addressed in a subsequent System Restoration Rider rate filing. The ultimate outcome of this matter cannot be determined at this time.
Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle
See Note 3 to the financial statements of Mississippi Power under "Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle" in Item 8 of the Form 10-K for information regarding Mississippi Power's construction of the Kemper IGCC.
Kemper IGCC Overview
The Kemper IGCC was designed to utilize IGCC technology with an expected output capacity of 582 MWs and to be fueled by locally mined lignite (an abundant, lower heating value coal) from a mine owned by Mississippi Power and situated adjacent to the Kemper IGCC. The mine, operated by North American Coal Corporation, started commercial operation in 2013. In connection with the Kemper IGCC, Mississippi Power constructed approximately 61 miles of CO2 pipeline infrastructure for the transport of captured CO2 for use in enhanced oil recovery.
Kemper IGCC Schedule and Cost Estimate
In 2012, the Mississippi PSC issued the 2012 MPSC CPCN Order, a detailed order confirming the CPCN originally approved by the Mississippi PSC in 2010 authorizing the acquisition, construction, and operation of the Kemper IGCC. The certificated cost estimate of the Kemper IGCC included in the 2012 MPSC CPCN Order was $2.4 billion, net of $245 million of Initial DOE Grants and excluding the cost of the lignite mine and equipment, the cost of the CO2 pipeline facilities, and AFUDC related to the Kemper IGCC. The 2012 MPSC CPCN Order approved a construction cost cap of up to $2.88 billion, with recovery of prudently-incurred costs subject to approval by the Mississippi PSC. The Kemper IGCC was originally projected to be placed in service in May 2014. Mississippi Power placed the combined cycle and the associated common facilities portion of the Kemper IGCC in service in August 2014.
The initial production of syngas began on July 14, 2016 for gasifier "B" and on September 13, 2016 for gasifier "A." Mississippi Power achieved integrated operation of both gasifiers on January 29, 2017, including the production of electricity from syngas in both combustion turbines. During testing, the plant produced and captured


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